White Cell: The Importance of External Support


By Ches Clark, Senior Manager at Oakas Ltd.

Article for Transformation Through Training, The Magazine of the Joint Force Training Centre (p34 – 36)

Conflict resolution in the modern era has required a fusion of national and international power (political, diplomatic, social, economic), as well as military. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has taken steps to adopt a Comprehensive Approach, this has been a step change since the end of the Cold War, the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan all resulting in initiatives to create programs towards effective conflict resolution.

Whilst NATO can provide a military element to a Comprehensive Approach, there is an important need for pan-governmental, national and international agencies to provide the civilian elements. This article aims to detail some of the frictions with the concept of a Comprehensive Approach, consider the newly establish Inter-Agency model and describe the work of 'White Cell' NATO exercises...

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